WELCOME TO ORIGBO U.K  Refinery Russia

We, Origbo uk Russia, are a globally renowned dynamic business entity dealing in Production and
exportation of petroleum products. Established with the aim to cater to the ever increasing market
demands in its arena, we are a committed group of professionals with rich industry experience and the expertise of handling
changing market trends. Specializing in Russian Crude Oil, we are an eminent manufacturer and exporter of all kinds of
Petroleum Products including -
D2 DIESEL GAS OIL L-0.2-62 GOST 305-82                                EURO-4 DIESEL
HSD2 GAS OIL L-0.2-62 GOST 305-82 AGO (AUTOMATIVE GAS OIL)      Diesel EN 590   
MAZUT M100 GOST 10585-75                                                        D6- I.F.O. 380 / Virgin
MAZUT M100 GOST 10585-99       
Anthracite, Black & Brown Coal, Kerosene
RUSSIAN STEAM COAL 5200, 5450,5500,GCV 6300/6100
WASTE OIL,Furnace Oil & Lubricating Oil, RUSSIAN ORIGINS (NAPHTHA)        Naphtha        
At Origbo uk, our highly qualified professionals prepare these products using cutting of the edge
technology and by adhering to international quality standards. Products are tested thoroughly before their dispatch, and are delivered to our valued
clients within a stipulated time frame. We focus all our efforts on customer satisfaction and try to keep the price of our products under check without
compromising on their quality. Owing to our hard work and fair trade practices, the company has created a loyal customer base all over the globe. As
a dynamic group, we always keep track of the latest innovations in our field and keep ourselves engaged in the continual improvement of our
products as well as our services.
Integrated Gas Origbo uk's integrated gas strategy is adding value through the development of
opportunities created by the demand for natural gas. Integrated gas complements Marathon's exploration and production operations and opens a
wide array of strategic investment opportunities designed to add sustainable value growth. Integrated gas transforms natural gas resources into a
range of downstream products including liquefied natural gas (LNG), ultra-clean fuels, special lubricants produced by gas-to-liquids (GTL)
technologies and petrochemical feed stocks such as methanol. Gas may be used to generate power for local markets as well.VisionORIGBO UK will
be a world-class oil and gas company driven by shared commitment to excellence.MissionORIGBO UK is an integrated Oil and Gas Company,
engaged in adding value to the nation's hydrocarbon resources for the benefit of all Russians and other buyers and stakeholders.Core Values*
Respect for the Individual* Staff development and growth*
Integrity, transparency and accountability* Professional Excellence

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Origbo uk owns and operates seven major refineries in Russia: the Siberia refinery and the Black Sea coast, the Komsomolsk refinery in the Russian
Far, the Kuibyshev, Novokuibyshevsk, and Syzran refineries in the Volga-Urals region, and the Achinsk and Angarsk refineries in Eastern Siberia (the
later five refineries were acquired by Origbo uk in 2007, which allowed the Company to considerably enhance its vertical integration). The total
primary capacity of ORIGBO UK refineries is 391 mln barrels of crude oil per year, which is a record high for the Russian petroleum industry and
represents 49% of Company production volumes in 2009.Origbo uk also owns four mini-refineries (in Western Siberia, Eastern Siberia,
Timan-Pechora and the southern part of European Russia) as well as a 50% stake in the Strezhevskoy mini-refinery in Western Siberia.
Total annual capacity of mini-refineries is 4.4 mln barrels of crude oil. Favorable refinery locations ensure Origbo uk's successful petroleum product
marketing both domestically and abroad. Moreover, the Company-owned terminals in Tuapse and Nakhodka enable Origbo uk to capture much
higher margins on petroleum product exports to Europe and the lucrative Asian market. Company refineries, including mini-refineries, processed
364.5 mln barrels of oil in 2009, which is 1.1% more than in 2008.
The growth resulted from throughput increase at the Achinsk and Kuibyshev refineries. Utilization of
refining capacity exceeded 90% and light product yield was 57.3%. Overall output of petroleum products rose to 47.1 mln tonnes, including outputs
from the Angarsk Polymer Plant and the Novokuibyshevsk oils and additives plant. Following successful integration of refining capacity acquired in
2007, Origbo uk has focused on refinery modernization and efficiency improvements.
The aim in many such projects is to ensure compliance with Russian technical regulations defining main standards for petroleum products which
were introduced at the start of 2008 and fix precise deadlines for changeover to Euro-3, Euro-4 and Euro-5 standards for motor fuels. Implementation
of refinery modernization programs continued in 2009, both through reconstruction of existing processing units and construction of new ones.
Equipment that is being rebuilt or newly installed includes: reforming, isomerism action and alkylation units for production of high-octane gasoline
components; catalytic cracking units for production of high-quality gasoline components and for increase of refining depth; hydrocracking units for
production of high-quality diesel and jet fuel components, and for increase of refining depth; and hydro treatment units (to ensure that requirements
of the new Russian technical regulations on sulphur content in products are met).
The first of these units were commissioned in 2009 and will increase Company output of fuels to Euro-3 and Euro-4 standards in 2010.Work continued
in 2009 on capacity enlargement at the Tuapse refinery. A total of USD 635 mln was spent in 2009 to finance investments at Company refineries,
which is 21% more than in 2008.Refinery throughput and petroleum product output have been actively busy from unset with prospecting operations
in the geological survey works on the arctic offshore of Russia on the territory of the nine trans-polar districts of the Russian Federation: including the
once located along the longitude from Murmansk to Yamburg.
Today ORIGBO UK is an exploration and ship owing company having 100 % percent of the ORIGBO UK participation. Joint stock company
"ORIGBO UK " has carried out the works on design and building of floating drilling rigs for reconnaissance and developing the sea layers of gas and
oil. Are projected and are constructed auxiliary and passenger ships for guaranteeing the equipping of layers, special vessels for performing of
scientific research and underwater work.
ORIGBO UK was reorganized into the Limited Liability Company Scientific-Research Institute of Natural Gases and Gas Technologies
The main tendencies of the company's activity are:
search, evaluation and prospecting of the raw hydrocarbon offshore fields;production and transportation of oil and gas;design, construction and
technical maintenance of floating technical means, floating drill rigs and port structures;marine and river cargo service and passenger operations,
vessel fright;foreign-economic activity;fulfillment of customer-builder for the implementation of the JSC ORIGBO UK's  investment projects. For
fulfilling the declared works of gazflot manages licenses to the building of the bore holes of all designations on dry land and continental shelf, the
development of petroleum and gas fields, the realization of sea passenger and cargo transportation, to a geophysical exploration study of petroleum
and gas wells.
ORIGBO UK renders services to the related enterprises and to strange organizations for a geophysical exploration study of bore holes, transportation it
is cargo and passengers in the sea communications,transport-dispatch maintenance it is cargo for the transportation on the seagoing vessels.
The strict observance of safety regulations in the petroleum and gas extracting industry, with
reconnaissance and development of petroleum and gas fields in the continental shelf, international and Russian laws and the high level of the
specialists JSC ORIGBO UK  ensures the qualitative and timely fulfillment of works.
The application of contemporary and technologies and equipment made it possible to permanently
increase the technical and economic indices of the building of bore holes at sea. All works, achieved by oils are conducted in accordance with the
declaration with respect to providing of ecological safety of geological survey works.
The ecological policy of Origbo UK provides for the establishment of ecological priority the unconditional observance of laws and norms RF,
international agreements in the region of the protection of environment. Use of contemporary technologies, nature-conservation and compensating
measures, ecological monitoring and the evaluation of action on the environment with the building of bore holes in the process of geological survey
At all levels of control and in all regions of activity the realization of the solutions of technological design, production and economic nature is
achieved with the condition of observing the obligations on OOS accepted. Is accomplished internal check and the registration of the cases of the
disturbance of standards, rules and deviations with conducting of technological operations and work of equipment, by the being appeared potential
sources of ecological risk.
The Russian joint-stock company ORIGB UK  was established in February 1982 in compliance with the Decree of the President of the Russian
Federation dated 5 November 1982, and the Resolution of the Council of Ministers, the government of the Russian Federation , dated February 17,
1993. The major shareholder of the Company is the state having 38, 37% of the shares (as of September 1, 2002). Over the last 10 years ORIGBO UK
has been developed dynamically, increased its assets and influence on the domestic market and abroad. joint-stock company.
ORIGBO UK OILS is one of the largest gas producing company in the world. ORIGBO UK's share in the world gas production is about 20%. ORIGBO
UK Company controls almost 60% of the Russian gas reserves with Gas prom and produces about 40% of Russian gas.
ORIGBO UK is 100% founder of 8 subsidiaries. It also participates in authorized capital of almost 100 Russian and foreign companies. Nearly
300,000 people are engaged by ORIGBO UK and its subsidiary companies. The Company's core activities are gas exploration, production,
transportation, processing and marketing. Major parts of fields which are under Company's development are located in the Nadym-Pur-Taz region of
the Yamal-Nenetsk Autonomous Area ( Western Siberia ). Medvezhye,Urengoyskoye, Yamburgskoye and Zapolyarnoye are the largest fields.
It should be noted that the first three fields are in the state of declining production. Moreover, ORIGBO UK  Company produces about 7% of gas in
European part of the country. In future, the Yamal peninsula is expected to become the Company's basic gas producing region.
Together with these regions, ORIGBO UK  will recover gas in Eastern Siberia and Far East , on the Barents and Kara seas shelves. As of December
31, 2001, the Company's well stock accounted for 9,302 gas wells and 569 oil wells. ORIGBO UK company operates the United Gas Transmission
System embracing some 150,000 of gas mains and branches, and 253 compressor stations with the total installed capacity of 42.6 mln kW and 22
underground gas storage facilities. Gas and oil is distributed from ORIGBO UK'S
Company's network to local regional systems through 4,233 gas distribution stations. Gas, produced by the Company,Origbo uk , is delivered to 68
regions of the Russian Federation , and is also exported to 37 countries: Germany , Italy , France , Turkey , Hungary , Czech , Slovakia , Poland ,
Austria , Finland ,Bulgaria , Rumania , Yugoslavia , Slovenia , Croatia , Greece , Switzerland , Netherlands , Bosnia ,Macedonia , Great Britain ,
Ukraine , Byelorussia , Moldavia , Lithuania , Latvia , Estonia , USA , China etc.
The Company penetrated gas markets in Asia Pacific, in Scandinavia , Great Britain , Belgium , and USA etc. ORIGBO UK implements 7 top priority
gas and oil pipeline projects, including export routes such as Yamal; Europe, the Blue Stream (Russia -Turkey) and North & European (the Baltic
Sea), and domestic routes such as Zapolyarnoye Novy Urengoy, North of Tyumen region & Torzhok, Yamal- Ukhta,Pochinky-Izobilnoye.
ORIGBO UK Company participates in a number of international gas production and transportation
projects. Secure gas supplies to Russian and foreign gas consumers and strengthening of the company's position on international energy market are
ORIGBO UK company's strategic targets.
The Company's operation is based on the following principles:
Profit increase through cost-cuts;
Capitalization build-up and corporate ranking growth;
Effective management of business;
Observance of ORIGBO UK's shareholders interests;
Improvement in corporate governance;
Transparency of financial and administrative operation;
Establishing personal responsibility of leadership for taking managerial decisions. Is a Russia-based company active within the oil and gas industry
with ORIGBO UK. The Company is engaged in the exploration, production, transportation, processing and marketing of gas. In addition, the
Company produces oil, liquid hydrocarbons, ethane, propane, sulfur and helium. It operates Russia 's domestic gas pipeline network and delivers gas
to 68 regions of the Russian Federation , as well as to 27 countries in Europe, the Commonwealth of Independent States and the Baltic States
ORIGBO UK Company participates in a number of international gas production and transportation projects.
The organizational structure of ORIGBO UK includes research centers, divisions and laboratories, an experimental and prototype base, and design
affiliation in Ukhta ORIGBO UK is comprised of over 1,300 researchers, experts and specialists (including over 50 Doctors of Sciences and 200
Candidates of Sciences); in Severnipigaz Ltd.  over 800 researchers, experts and specialists (including 1 Doctor of Sciences and 30 Candidates of
ORIGBO UK provides coordination of scientific developments in the gas industry within the framework of large-scale target and engineering projects
and programs, performs research, development and design works. Among the most important projects implemented in recent years are: The Program
of extended production by ORIGBO UK of gas, gas condensate and oil from 2005 to 2020 and for the period till 2030.
The Comprehensive Guidelines of the gas industry development (for the period till 2030); Program of creation in East Siberia and Far East of a
unified system of gas production, transportation and supply with a view to possible gas export to markets of China and other Asian-Pacific countries.
The scientific and engineering developments of ORIGBO UK are protected by 170 patents for inventions and utility models (including 6 patents in
foreign countries), being maintained in force.
ORIGBO UK  has an up-to-date experimental and prototype base, computer center providing the software and hardware  support, scientific and
technical library, large stock of normative and technical documentation, patents and inventor's certificates. ORIGBO UK takes part in the work of the
Gas Union, the UN ECE Committee on Sustainable Energy, Technical Committee ISO/TC 193
Natural gas of the International Standardization Organization. ORIGBO UK manages a postgraduate course and hosts dissertation councils entertain
for upholding doctors and candidates theses in seven research areas.
Reaching the high technical and economic indices of the building of bore holes is impossible without the introduction of new advanced technology
and drilling equipment.In JSC ORIGBO UK in recent years are inculcated the engineering and technical measures, which made it possible to
considerably increase the speeds of boring prospecting and exploratory bore holes, to reduce the periods of building, to ensure intensity and
continuity of conducting drilling operations and, thus, to have a significant effect on the state of ecological and industrial Safety.  drilling rig is
completed for rotating the column of pipes by overhead drive with the electric motor of air cooling, which made it possible to reduce the debt of
preparatory-auxiliary works in the balance of the calendar time of drilling of well.Boring is carried out by the chisels of imported production, which
correspond to the highest world standards, which made it possible to reach the high mechanical speeds of boring.
The main objective of ORIGBO UK is dynamic development based on the best traditions of Russian civil aviation. Our main priority is increasing our
competitiveness through development of our route system,commercial passenger and cargo program, partner relations with other air companies. Our
Mission during our business life, we built very good reputation and connection among the world-wide oil and Petroleum trading companies.
Therefore we intent to keep on clients trustiness on our company name and we as will try always to
improve our services and drive on all genuine deals to successful conclusions. Believe that the benefits  of adding new contacting information into
its agenda, therefore we sincerely focus on keeping on our client's mutual interest, and deeply cares to have with them long-term cooperation. Gas
processing: technologies for processing gas and liquid hydrocarbons; framing of a concept of development programs for ORIGBO UK's facilities
processing hydrocarbon raw materials; designing of gas, condensate and oil processing units.

The sustainable development strategy of Origbo uk - the member of the World Business Council for
Sustainable Development - is based on the ecological safety principle and the economic, social
ecological values' parity. Among the projects of society - development of the transport-technological
system of the transportation of the compressed natural gas by sea, where Origbo uk  will come out as the operator on building and control. As a result
of the realization of project will be created for the flexible and independent from the third sides system of sea urban transportation of JSC ORIGBO
UK " with Kaliningrad region and with the European market, which will make it possible operationally to react to the market situation, it will
ensure the significant flexibility of transportation by routes and volumes of deliveries. Oil Company's activity is performed in accordance with the
generally accepted international principles:
securing stable economic development with the minimum impact on the environment. Fulfillment of
environmental protection activities; rational management of natural resources; implementation of energy and resources saving technologies;
Care of humans endowed with the right to nature harmonic being.
The following actions are provided for ensuring the sustainable development of the Company: getting down to development of new gas producing
areas characterized by severe natural, climatic and geological conditions: the program of hydrocarbon fields development in the Eastern Siberia
and the Far East ;development of unconventional gas resources:- Coal-bed methane;-Gas-hydrate fields; increasing the degree of hydrocarbons
Creation of JSC Origbo uk lies at the course of the key directions of the activity  connected with the tasks of an increase in the industrial hydrocarbon
reserves of the country. Understanding our customers needs- Crude Oil Trading recognises that the crude oil market place is dynamic and fast-
moving. Our wide experience in responding to the changing needs of producers and buyers has given us a leading position in terms of developing
new marketing techniques, and innovative and distinct market propositions.
Origbo uk  is one of the world's leading crude oil, petroleum and gas producer. We sell crude oil to
customers within and outside the environment  and are active in all the major crude oil markets. Origbo uk companies have been in the oil business
for more than 28 years and is in this business for the long term.
We offer careers in supply and trading which means we have built up a pool of experience and expertise, which we continue to develop. Creativity
and innovation: the crude oil market is increasingly sophisticated and complex. Arbitrage between the different crude oil markets are ever more
transparent and fast-moving. In this environment understanding of crude oil market dynamics is more important than ever before. Crude Oil Trading,
with its long experience and deep involvement in all areas of the oil market, is uniquely placed to help customers manage price risk and ultimately
achieve the best return on their investments.
Support of Origbo UK  companies' strategic crude oil supply requirements;Acquisition of significant
volumes of crude oil from producing governments, as well as from other oil companies and trading
organisations on basis;Selling of ORIGBO UK equity crudes, e.g. North Sea, Oman, Nigeria, Gabon;Advice on refineries optimisation and
organisation of optimum crude supplies (purchase, freight and operations);Provision of freight and marine services. We have crude buyers in every
time zone and sell to a wide range of customers, including government, other oil majors, independent oil traders and end consumers Natural gas
production build-up strategy,
To enlarge our customer base and increase penetration into new and existing markets, we plan to
continue cross-selling of services and leveraging of advanced technologies to broaden our service
offerings. By offering multiple complementary services, such as VoB service, allows us to increase
revenue per customer, provide greater pricing flexibility and promote customer retention.
The key element of the Russian energy strategy is securing natural gas production stability and it
maintaining at a sufficient level. Resources base development is of Origbo uk's corporate priority.
Development of resources predetermines un interruptible operation of the United Gas Supply System through which natural Gas is to be delivered to
foreign customers under long-term agreements and to the internal market.In 2002, it was for the first time over the last decade, when gas production
was accompanied with equal gas reserves addition. 521.9 bcm of gas and 10.6 mln t of condensate and oil were produced over the year in the
report. Reserve additions were registered at 535.9 mln t of coal equivalent.In 2002, geologists of the Company succeeded in discovering 6 fields:
Yuzhno-Pestsov, Chugoryakhinsk, Lensk in the Yamal Nenets Autonomous Area; Grechanoye,
Chernoerkovsk in the Krasnodar District gas production in the Yamal-Nenets Autonomous Area remains the priority in the corporate business for the
years ahead.
Origbo uk Company plans to produce 790 bcm of natural gas annually. Gas production planned up to 2010 will be effected through the
Zapolyarnoye gas field development with the maximum gas production at 100 bcm by 2006 as through putting on stream relatively small satellite
gas fields in the vicinity of the existing gigantic gas fields (Medvezhye, Urengoy, Yamburg, and Zapolyarnoye).
The corporate plans include the following gas productions areas:
Aneryakhinsk and Kharvutinsk blocks of the Yamburg field, the Tab-Yakhinsk block of the Urengoy field,Pestsovoye, En-Yakhinsk, Vyngayakhinsk and
Ety-Purovskfieldsadjacentto the existing infrastructure; the latter circumstance predetermines economic viability of their development. In the future,
the gas fields of the Yamal peninsula and its offshore will be put into production. The Severo-Vasyugansk gas condensate field in the Tomsk area was
put on stream in the reported year (Vostokgazprom Co.).Development of the Severo-Vasyugansk field is a part of Origbo uk long-term program aimed
at exploitation of small-sized gas fields in line with medium and large gas and condensate field development. Such a strategy turns to be of special
significance on the background of gas production decline at large fields. Besides,
small-sized fields may lay a basis for the economic growth in the related areas.
Exploitation of the Severo-Vasyuganskf field may provide for growing natural gas demand of the Siberian industry, to improve feedstock supply to the
industrial facilities not only in the Tomsk area, but those in the neighboring Novosibirsk, Kemerovo, Omsk areas and the Altay territory, where the
industrial conglomerates like the Tomsk oil and gas refinery, the Kemerovo Azot petrochemical plant and the Kuznetsk metallurgical complexer
located. Commissioning of the new gas and conden-sate field is of great social value; it results in new jobs and the energy self-sufficiency growth of
the region. Optimization of the development of depleted and low flow rate mature reservoirs is utmost importance.
To get the best out of the experience accumulated by the leading western companies, orison Oil Company and Schlumberger have signed a
Memorandum of Understanding on Technological Alliance.
The Memorandum embraces not only the aspect of gas production intensification at individual wells, but also a variety of topics related to further
development of exhausted fields, deep-lying low-pressure formation development, and comprehensive exploitation of small gas fields. Currently, the
joint elaboration of the program is underway. Enhancement of hydrocarbons utilization efficiency: Gas production at gas condensate fields makes
significant contribution to the total gas production. Moreover, until 2030 gas production at such fields will grow thrice. Contrary to the Senomanian
formation gas of which predominantly consists of methane (98%), gas condensate field output contains meaningful share of liquid hydrocarbons,
which are a valuable feedstock for motor fuel production and processing at refineries. At present, much gas is extracted from the gas condensate
fields of the West Siberia . New refineries were built in Novy Urengoy and to process liquid hydrocarbons.
Hydrocarbon components of gas (ethane, propane, butane) could be used as a feedstock for refineries.
Application of advanced field gas treatment schemes at new gas condensate fields and implementation of new technologies at existing fields will
allow to increase the volume of hydrocarbons sent to refining.
On the one hand, it enables the company to produce marketable products so much in need in the country (polyethylene and polypropylene goods)
and, on the other hand, to rise profitability of the Origbo uk companies.In the course of development of fields much condensate was accumulated in-
situ, while applicable conventional technologies were incapable of making condensate production a reality.
Research developments in hydrocarbons inter-solubility undertaken since the early 80s showed that due to selection of specific gas composition it is
possible either to make gas condensate held in-situ more volatile, or to converse condensate into the gaseous phase.
Thus, gas condensate previously believed to be lost can be recovered at the depleted fields. We

developed and first introduced at the Vuktyl field a technology of precipitated gas condensate recovery through dry gas injection, which resulted in
additional 120,000 to condensate production supplied to the Sosnogorsky gas processing plant. New gas transmission facilities: Origbo uk has
created and maintains the operation of the world largest United Gas Supply System (UGSS) meeting international standards. To expand operational
capabilities of the system, the Company consistently commissions new facilities: gas pipelines and compressor stations. New construction is carried
out in line with the development of new fields.
The Zapolyarnoye-Urengoy pipeline Will provide gas supply from the Zapolyarnoye field to the UGSS. This gas main will consist of three 200-km-long
lines added with the Pur-Taz booster gas compressor station (three shops equipped with 6 compressor units, 288 MW total capacities). Construction
quality meets rigid European standards. The second line of the main was commissioned in 2002 as well as the first shop of the 30 bcm/y Pur-Taz
compressor station. Some 250 employees are involved in the servicing the compressor station, the pipeline, and all the housing and auxiliary
The latter provided employment of qualified specialists left idle due to gas production decline at the
Urengoy field. The Yamal-Europe gas pipeline isIntended to link the Yamal peninsula fields with gas consumers in the West Europe . The total
length of the pipeline will exceed 4,000 km . The route will cross the territory of Russia , Belarus and Poland going further to Germany , which is the
major consumer of
Russian gas. Design capacity of one of the lines amounts to 33 bcm/y. According to the project, two lines will run through Belarus and Poland , and
three lines will go through Russia .By now, gas flow through the existing pipelines and newly constructed sections of the Yamal-Europe pipeline is
running from the Nadym-Pur-Taz region to Europe . Construction of the pipeline system is in progress.
The Russia-Turkey (Blue Stream) pipeline has become an ambitious international project in oil and gas facilities construction history. The route goes
through the Stavropol ( 56 km ) and Krasnodar ( 315 km )districts further crossing the Black Sea ( 388 km ) at the depths down to 2,150 m , and the
territory of Republic of Turkey ( 444 km ).A protocol on commissioning the Blue Stream pipeline dated 30 December 2002 is of an immense
importance for strengthening the Russia-Turkey interrelations. Cutting-edge Russian and foreign technologies and technique were implied in this
construction project. For example,
micro-tunneling technology was used to cross the mountainous areas of Russia , thus softening an environmental impact during the pipeline
construction. The so-called intelligent inserts* were introduced in construction of the pipeline mountainous
The Blue Stream pipeline ground Sections in Russia for the first time; the inserts makes up a system of special sensors designed for continuous
monitoring of a number of parameters at potentially dangerous pipeline sections. Based on the knowledge, the sensors designed by Russian
engineers, were manufactured and successfully passed pilot tests at operational pipeline.
Following the tests, the sensors were installed at 10 most problematic mountainous sections of the Blue Stream pipeline. Unique in the control and
automation means furnishing, the Beregovaya compressor station will be in an unmanned safe operation mode.
The pipeline was designed and constructed in conformity with rigid safety requirements. The project was subjected to the comprehensive expertise
by various independent international authorities, including the Russian and Turkish ones, the Russian Federation Ministry for Natural Resources and
Gosgortekhnadzor of Russia (State Technological Supervisor).The Environmental Ministry of the Republic of Turkey approved the report on the
environmental impact of the subsea pipeline section construction. High quality of the works fulfilled, systematic control over the works' progress,
consistent ecological monitoring at all construction phases -all these secure operational and ecological safety of the new facility.
Environmental protection -
- an integral element of Origbo uk Company sustainable development. We cannot imagine the Company progressing without respect for the
environment in the regions where Origbo uk carries on its business activities. Along with strict adherence to international and Russian environmental
rules and regulations,
Origbo uk places special emphasis on the protection and rehabilitation of ecological resources and
strives to minimise environmental damage caused by industrial activity. Conducts its operations on a basis of optimal combination of market
mechanisms, administrative measures and methods of
self-control in relation to rational utilisation of primary power sources, with full awareness of its
responsibilities to future generations. We make every effort to ensure minimum utilisation of all natural resources  water, soil, forests and minerals.
The Company consistently introduces innovations aimed at waste reduction and recycling. Origbo uk conducts its industrial activities on the basis of
safe technologies and production processes and
maintains a state of permanent readiness for adequate and prompt response in case of an emergency at the Company's production and processing
We constantly carries out environmental rehabilitation of anything damaged by past industrial activities,by effective use of emergency response
teams equipped with the required machinery and tools for oil-spill recovery and re-cultivation of land. Origbo uk is committed to openness in
publicising information on the possible impact of the Company's industrial activities on environment and population health.
Origbo uk  believes in giving back to the community. As such, we are actively involved in various projects which reflect the spirit of the company and
benefit the overall welfare of our local community. All requests for assistance are personally overseen by our CEO.
Some of the well known charities we help support are the poor, Mentally and physical Handicapped.As well, we are involved with a number of
projects which, though not necessarily based on monetary commitment, none-the-less give us great satisfaction. Some of these projects are: A
project which brings groups of senior citizens to the company to learn have skills, taught voluntarily by employees of the company. Calling Cards:
Sick children (usually terminal or incurable), attending summer camp, are given time limited calling cards. Club: Infrastructure and instruction time
are donated to help the elderly learn to connect with the world through the Internet and Internet grants for low income families. All major
construction and modernization projects of Origbo uk Company should include a study on environmental protection.
Design documentation is to be examined by the RF Ministry for the Natural Resources and by its regional authorities reviewing environmental
component. Environmental protection measures to be included in any project involve large-scale activities aimed at protecting the Nature in the
entirety, ecological monitoring and sophisticated natural resources management.
Ecological education Continuous ecological training of Origbo uk company's managers and experts at various advanced courses is a prerequisite for
successful environmental protection-oriented activity. At the same time, retraining of professional ecological engineers for the gas industry at full-
time or part-time higher schools is not less important.In the period under review, over 400 employees of Origbo uk company's subsidiaries participated
in various ecological education programs. In this respect, it's worth mentioning an ambitious training program implemented at Tyumentransgaz,
where 170 managers and experts updated their skills under the theme the Economical Regulation and Environmental Management Fundamentals
conceived in accordance with International Standard ISO 14000 course. Majority of Origbo uk company's subsidiaries' employees underwent
retraining at the gas industry's specialized institutions
- at the Russian State University of Oil and Gas' Educational & Research Center (ERG) and the Gas Industry's Research Education &
Simulation Center (GIESC) in Kaliningrad .At the ERG, attendees studied the following subjects:
Ecology and environmental protection;
Water protection at oil & gas companies' operation sites: monitoring systems;
Waste handling in the oil & gas industry: waste deactivation, processing, utilization, and burial;
Environmental impact assessment, audit, legislation and environmental impact management system for industrial facilities.    
Advanced technologies of analyzing; instrumentation and metrological support for providing analytical control over the environment at the oil & gas
industry's and petrol-chemistry facilities;
Elaboration of plans for preventing or eliminating accidental spills of oil, condensate and petroleum
Regulatory and technical norms and standards for providing industrial, ecological and fire and explosion safety at the oil & gas industry's and
neurochemistry's facilities, corporate specialists were retrained under the Ecology, Environment and Nature Protection in the Gas Industry course.
Origbo uk company are actively involved in educational programs developed by established higher schools and specialized training centers. For
example, specialists improved their qualification under the Development,
Implementation and Audit of Ecological Management Systems course in conformity with the ISO 14001 arranged by the Veritas educational center (
Moscow ). Our employees were trained at the Russia 's Gosstandart's Academy of Standardization , Metrology and Certification. Tattransgaz's experts
studied at the Kazan State Energy University 's advanced course the Ecological Safety of Industrial Facilities and Economic Mechanism of Nature
Protection. employees finished education at the Vyatka State University (subject: Industrial Ecology) and the Operator Educational Center in Ivanovo
courses (theme:
Environmental Protection and Ecological Safety In Construction and Operation of Potentially Dangerous Industrial Facilities).
Integrated Gas
Origbo uk’s integrated gas strategy is adding value through the development of opportunities created by the demand for natural gas. Integrated gas
complements Marathon's exploration and
production operations and opens a wide array of strategic investment opportunities designed to add sustainable value growth. Integrated gas
transforms natural gas resources into a range of downstream products including liquefied natural gas (LNG), ultra-clean fuels, special lubricants
produced by gas-to-liquids (GTL) technologies and petrochemical feed stocks such as methanol. Gas may be used to generate power for local
markets as well.
ORIGBO UK will be a world-class oil and gas company driven by shared commitment to excellence.
ORIGBO UK is an integrated Oil and Gas Company, engaged in adding value to the nation’s
hydrocarbon resources for the benefit of all Russians and other buyers and stake holders.
Core Values
* Respect for the Individual
* Staff development and growth
* Integrity, transparency and accountability
* Professional Excellence
Our products are great for the environment
We've been in business for over 20 years
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New energy
Climate change and a growing demand for
clean energy are opening up new business
opportunities. ORIGBO UK is in a position to
seize these opportunities by utilising
long-standing core capabilities from the Oil &
Gas industry